Planetary Health:
the 21st century challenge through data

Hannah Ritchie


Humanity vs. Environment

Environment vs. Humanity

Environment & Humanity

Signs of progress/case for optimism

Signs of concern

Humanity vs. Environment

Environment vs. Humanity

World in extreme poverty:

1800: 95% (almost everyone)

2015: 10%

"137,000 people escaped extreme poverty since yesterday"

1900: 1-in-3 children died.

1950: 1-in-4 children died.

Today: 1-in-20 children died.

1950: 45 years old.

2015: 72 years old.

1991: 19% of world population were undernourished.

2015: 11% were undernourished.

Rise of vaccination globally has been rapid.

85-90% of the world's children are vaccinated.

1800: almost no one could read and write.

Today more than 85% of adults can.

1850: fewer than 1-in-5 had basic education.

2015: fewer than 1-in-5 did not have basic education.

Environment & Humanity:

finding the new 'balance'

Signs of progress/

case for optimism

Solar PV prices fallen more than 100-fold since 1970s.

Signs of concern

Planetary health for the 21st century:

Developing a new balance between human wellbeing and environment

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